Sheets Have a Thread Count?

I have never really given much thought to the thread count of sheets.  To me, a sheet was a sheet, some were softer and felt better than others (the bed sheets we had on our Royal Caribbean cruise ship were wonderful…much softer and richer feeling than mine at home).  Come to find out, the thread count of bed sheets makes the difference. The higher the thread count, the softer, longer wearing and they will keep their like-new luster for a longer time.
For instance, bedding crafted from 100% Egyptian woven cotton, is outstanding, comes in beautiful colors and will make you feel like, well, like an Egyptian princess.  It drapes beautifully on the bed.  And is soooo soft.  A 1500 thread count bed sheet made of  premium woven cotton is termed “sateen”, they are woven to have a beautiful sheen that resembles and feels like satin.  They make me think of those old movies where the main character, usually the beautiful one in the Master Suite, sleeps in a big ole bed with softly draping bed linens around her. 
Of course you’d want bed sheets that are durable and can be laundered.  Egyptian woven cottons are machine washable.  Bedding doesn’t get better than this!

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