Beautiful Smile, Beautiful You

 I know this has been out for many years but we are just now starting to look into the various dental options and I was really happy to have found, a San Antonio Invisalign company.
Tell the truth, what’s the first thing you notice about a person’s face?  Some see beautiful eyes (my husband says he fell for my long eyelashes), others see dimples, freckles, a pert little nose, maybe, in the case of a guy, his cute grin.  But when most people meet, the first noticed is a smile.  What is the most important thing about a smile…..teeth!  Well-aligned, white, perfect teeth.  Beautiful teeth are a major requirement if you are a movie or TV star, any type of entertainer but are equally necessary if you are in a career…doctor, lawyer, etc.  Actually beautiful teeth are important…period.
 Some people are fortunate enough to have teeth that are perfectly formed and their smiles light up a room.  Unfortunately that’s not true of everyone.  That’s when you start thinking of getting braces.  Particularly clear braces such as Invisalign, which are a breakthrough technology in dental care.  Metal braces HURT…and food easily gets caught in them.  You wear them day and night and they are seen every time you smile or even open your mouth.  
Unlike metal braces (been there, done that), 33smile, a San Antonio Invisalign company can fit you in braces that are clear and the aligners are removable. These clear aligners are changed every two weeks and slowly but surely your teeth are straightened. 
The cosmetic dentists at will work with you to give you a smile that you will be proud of.

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