What Do You Do With J-u-n-k ???

We’ve lived in our home for over 50 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff (I won’t necessarily call it junk, but its pretty close).  Our garage is full of things that “maybe” we’ll find a use for and kept because they are too good to throw away.  Unfortunately the stack keeps growing.  Odd and ends of lumber, big blanket-like things that we used to protect furniture which, I’m sure is moldy from a water leak we had (10+ years ago).
In our tool shed we have odds and ends things too…an old dishwasher that we don’t know what to do with, Christmas decorations from years past, a large barrel of walnuts that the kids picked and we planned to shell, very old wooden lawn chairs, several tires from cars and miscellaneous pieces of “things” that my husband used in his electrical business.  What we need is a company that takes all….no questions asked.  The main problem is that our city trash company does not take any of these things, and so they sit.
Our oldest daughter lives in Houston, Texas and relies on The Woodlands Junk removal to keep her home and yard free of the accumulations that we have.  They pick up everything, furniture, electronics, you name it.  And, their people will recycle, donate or dispose of the items accordingly.  She doesn’t have the problem of “it’s still usable but I don’t know what to do with it”…..Woodlands does, and they will.

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