Occupational Health and Safety Software

Back in the “old” days, companies usually relied on one or two employees, accountants, company nurses, doctors and transportation department heads to keep their companies running smoothly.  Many times their reports were filed away, never to be seen by the people who actually needed to know about them.  If an employee visited the company doctor complaining of a headache, he was given an aspirin, told to take it easy and sent back to work.  The report was duly filed in the employee’s medical file (if there was one). 
This is a new age, and companies rely on computer software to track and identify problems …software which is both functional and user friendly. Professionals in Occupational Health and Safety positions require specialized software that can simplify the complexities of medical surveillance. This includes recording employee health data, tracking and investigating any accidents which have happened onsite and assess risk in the workplace.  Not like the old filing cabinet at all.
They require electronic medical records software which not only tracks injuries and illnesses, but also those accidents that “almost happened”.  What caused noxious vapors to be accidently released, why did the transportation process have a problem.  What can be done to insure that incidents do not happen again.  Investigating, recording and managing this information can be nearly impossible without a well-developed and trustworthy software program.
Medgate, founded in 1985 and based in Toronto, Canada offers software that can handle all of these situations. Plus their electronic medical records software  can prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual Occupational  reports.  And in language and terminology that board members, department heads and company presidents can understand.

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