Close Family

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott
We’ve always been really close and since my brother moved away from home last year things have gotten even better. He and my parents always butted heads a bit and you know, it’s really nice to have siblings that get along so well. Anyway, I went to look at adt security nebraska when I first moved into my new place with my husband because I knew my relatives would be coming over all the time and I just didn’t want them roaming around my house without notice. It’s been great because we invite everyone over for Sunday lunch, including my parents, each Sunday after church and we get to socialize with each other. Being part of a big family has always been far more of a blessing than a curse and although there were times when I wished there were less kids to deal with I know now that I’m older that having so many people around really contributed to the type of person I ended up being. I love my family and being with them as much as possible!

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