Beautiful Flower and Potted Plant Gifts

Every once in a while, you need to send flowers to a friend who is ill and needs a little cheering up.  A beautiful potted plant or even a bouquet of spring flowers will brighten their day. When I worked in a large office in the city, all eyes turned toward the elevator when a delivery man stepped into the office lobby, his hands full of flowers.  Who was the lucky person and what was the occasion.  Hmmm I don’t remember any of the guys getting flowers, but maybe they did.
One of the most admired bouquets was by serenata flower and was called Fairytale Love…six vibrant red roses with just a touch of white Gypsophilia and a spattering of greens. All wrapped in clear cellophane….a young man was sure to make an impression on his “fairytale” princess.
Potted plants can be eye catchers too.  Especially those like a buxus plant in a topiary cat frame.  The frame is made of strong wire and the buxus plant grows inside of it.  The plant slowly grows to fill the cat frame, and soon you have a decorative piece that is actually a live plant in the shape of a cat. Along with the frame and plant are the instructions on plant care so that your potted plant can live a long and healthy life.

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