Chocolate chip cookies are the best!

mmmmmmm What could be better than a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie!  

My friends, Joleen, Marte, Mari and I have cookies whenever we play tennis with our friend Diane.....big, gooey ones full of chocolate chips and nuts. Diane is a WONDERFUL cookie maker and her cookies are to die for! We usually wash them down with a couple of cups of Starbucks....but just about any coffee will do.  

She swears that she uses the Toll House Cookie recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag....but somewhere there is a secret!  We've found that she uses a convection oven (OK, #1 difference) and  she doesn't use Nestle chips...she uses Ghirardelli chocolate chips (difference #2).  Slowly but surely these little secrets are being revealed.  And, because of using a convection oven, she doesn't bake them as long as suggested on the package.
We are warned by friends (who do not have access to these bites of Heaven)  that cookies are not good for us....too high in fat, too full of calories...all those things that people tell you as they scarf down your cookies, cookie after cookie.

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