I need a French Translator

Did you ever wonder where your ancestors came from? Unless they were American Indians and were native to North America, they immigrated from somewhere else. My side of the family came from Europe, my dad’s family came from Czechoslovakia in 1907 and my mom’s were Danish and German….Denmark and Germany.

My husband’s ancestor, Jean-Marie LaProne deBoicourt sailed from France in 1777, destined for America leaving behind his native land, many friends and relatives, and two brothers who were Catholic priests.  From the birth date of his children, he had been to America in the early 1770s. So this was his 2nd time he had been here.  On this particular voyage, he landed in Georgetown, South Carolina on April 19, 1777 with his countryman, the Marquis deLafayette. His duty was to care for the sick and later the dying among Lafayette's soldiers. 
Since we do not speak French, we are at a loss when it comes to language and finding information in France.  Genealogy is my hobby and one of the goals in my life is to hire a French translation service that will guide us through the ins and outs of church records, ship’s manifests and the history of Lafayette trips to America.  My biggest worry, since as of now, we cannot find any references to Jean-Marie LaProne deBoicourt at all, is that what we have are just family stories, which aren’t always reliable.  Since his first child was born in 1772 and last in 1791 in Virginia, and my husband’s ancestor was his son, Silas, who we do have proof of his life in census records and other legal documents, Jean-Marie must have lived and died here...But WHERE!

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