Cruising for our Anniversary

It's my husband and my 45th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we've decided to go on a cruise to the Caribbean area and Mexico. We'll be gone for a glorious 10 days, and the getaway couldn't come at a better time, since it's starting to get cold around here. It's like we're extending the summer!
We love going on these things, though, because they literally treat you like royalty. From the moment you board, they immediately greet you with a bag valet service and fruity, tropical drinks to commence your trip. We're taking a ship this time with an extra-large ballroom so we can finally take the dance classes (offered free on the ship) we've always wanted to.
Before we head out, though, I've got to take my sister to get a hearing loss test at our local center. She's wanted some hearing aids for a while but has been too anxious about all the options she has to go alone, so I promised her I'd come with to give her my two cents. But after that, it's bon voyage for us!

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