Halloween is a Fun Time

Halloween is a really fun time for kids and for many adults too….possibly the adults enjoy it more because they have the opportunity to dress up, use face paint and be someone else for a while.  It doesn’t matter if they are teens, twenty somethings or senior citizens, many people love the fun of  wearing unusual costumes and disguising themselves with painted faces.  Little kids also love to have their faces painted….every school carnival, event or party has a booth where they can get their faces painted with butterflies, stars (girl choices) or for the boys, something spooky or scary.  But Halloween is when face paint takes over and puts some individuality into the Halloween spirit….it can make someone the center of attention.  Of course I’m not saying that the costume isn’t important, but what is a vampire without teeth, pointed ears, painted scowling complexion and bloody, drooling red lips….just another guy in a black outfit.
Want to be a snarling Wolfman, glaring Count Dracula or scary Frankenstein?  Maybe something gentler like a clown or a Red Cat Costume Makeup Kit containing eyelashes, nails and glitter gel.   No problem there is a face paint make-up kit for that. 

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