Shopping for the Really Big Man in Your Life

Did you ever wonder where those really big football players and sky-scraping basketball players buy their clothing?  And they have some great looking ones I might add.  Men that size just can’t walk into Wal-Mart or Target and find something in the mens big and tall clothing department that they can fit (or would want to wear).  A guy who is 6’2 or taller and/or weighs at least 225 pounds is considered to be a “Kingsize man”.  In the United States nearly 1 in 5 fit into that category.
Where would you buy a robe for a man with a 75” waist or even socks to fit a size 17 foot?  Not to mention underwear, belts, slippers, boxers, coats, sweaters and other items of clothing that guys need.  Or jewelry…bracelets need to be extra large to fit larger than average wrists and necklaces are not usually made to fit a 25” neck.
You won’t find many stores that specialize in mens big and tall clothing with items to fit tall sizes -  Long -7XLong or big sizes - XL-10XL. The KINGSIZE store does.  Everything is designed and tailored specifically for KINGSIZE.  In the mens big and tall clothing area are shirts with neck sizes to 26 ½”, sleeve lengths to 40”, waists to 80” and even shoes to size 18.  And they are fashionable, up-to-date and will make a big guy look like a million dollars…but without having to pay a million dollars for them. 

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