The Evening Dress Hunt

On Saturday, I spent the whole day shopping with my best friend and we bought absolutely nothing that we had been looking for!  We went from store to store and at the end of the day, all we had to show for it was a “go with anything” white beaded purse.   There seems to be a mental block when buyers for our major department stores buy plus size clothing lines.  Hello….all plus sized women are not the same…some like the dowdy or mousy look of grays or browns but others would like bit of color.  Some might even want something in bright colors.  We shopped at several malls starting with the moderately priced to those on the higher end of the clothing lines looking for plus size evening dresses.  My friend Lynnie is tall (nearly 6’) and is of a sturdy build.  She works out at the gym and loves to jog whenever possible.  We joke that if Amazons were still around, they’d welcome her into their tribe.
Lynnie’s company is having a very formal Christmas Party and she is frantic that she won’t find a plus size evening dress…right now she is thinking of floor length, but ankle or mid-calf would do.
As a last resort, we sat down in front of her computer and googled  Plus Size Evening Dresses.  There were a lot of stores listed, some had dresses that looked great, some had some that were, well, awful.  Lynnie did find a very nice plus size evening dress that will be perfect for a company function.  What would we do without the Internet????

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