New Doctor in the Family?

Well, you’ve finally made it….you are a real, honest-to-goodness medical student!  Now it’s time to look like one.  One company that will do that job is Blue Sky Scrubs  Blue Sky designs and produces scrub sets and medical student lab coats for the medical field that are not the normal baggy one size fits alls that you can find in discount stores.  Blue Sky will outwear them and the colors will resist fading. (unless you get heavy handed with bleach).  These articles of CLOTHING will make you stand-out and say “Hey world, ready or not, here I come!” 

Blue Sky features scrub sets, hats, lab coats and other articles of medical related clothing that gives a professional look to whoever is wearing it and instills a feeling of confidence in that person.  Of course, a doctor doing rounds with 6 medical students in lab coats in tow is a bit imposing.
And, if you are the parent or grandparent of a medical student, celebrate by buying him or her a Blue Sky medical student lab coat.  Christmas or birthday would be a good time.  The coats are 100% cotton textured twill which is exceptionally stain resistant fabric.  In fact, they utilize ‘Advanced Dual Action Teflon fabric protector’, but still look elegant while being functional.  They are guaranteed to last…possibly until the student becomes a full-fledged doctor. 

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