UCC and Dry Ash

Like most industries, even the power generation industry produces waste, in this case it’s ash.  Therefore the power generation industry needs a solution for ash handling.  What does an ash producing industry do with this accumulated ash and how does it get rid of it?   And, how it can be done cost-effective way that does not damage the environment.   

United Conveyor Corporation silo unloading systems are designed to handle this operation in either a dry or damp condition.  The ash is transferred to trucks or to rail cars and is transferred to sites where it  then can be sold or recycled.  A large piece of equipment called a mixer or unloader is used when adding water to the dry ash making it easier to transfer.  The adding of water also reduces the amount of dust.

UCC , headquartered in Illinois, USA,  a global leader in ash handling, is constantly researching material handling technology. Their technicians are unequaled in designing, supplying and finding ways to improve plant performance.  The silo unloading system is a good example of their efforts.  The company is constantly finding ash handling solutions for the power generation industries.  Inaddition, their field service and technicians are available worldwide to help erect and start up new silo unloading systems and will provide operator training and maintenance.

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